Transparent Pricing

You can take advantage of the easy payment options available, in cash or on credit.

Professional & Qualified

We have a huge customer base and have huge experience in the field of drug distribution .

Our Supply Sapacity

We supply thousands of orders every month with the best systems in managing supply operations.

Monthly collection

1:1 with monthly sales and suggestions equals monthly sales.

Storage and distribution of local and imported medicines

A leading pharmaceutical storage and distribution company, operating since 2019.

HS Pharma Group is a company specializing in the field of drug distribution, and the company has a huge database of suppliers and customers, as it is unique in providing huge services in the field of medicine distribution.

HS Pharma adopts an efficient distribution model that allows it to maximize value and grow returns on a sales network that includes many suppliers in Egypt. The company owns and manages the latest transportation systems that ensure that all suppliers' products reach different pharmacies and hospitals. The company's services are not limited to the activities of distributing and delivering products, but rather extending to include a group of services that contribute to maximizing value for suppliers.



Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect.

distribution capacity

3 Refrigerated trucks.
13 Suzuki vans.
4 Light vans.

We are dealing with major production and distribution companies and currently we are getting into work with Unified Purchase Authority.

Continues follow up for storage conditions with following Egyptian Health standards to ensure drug safety.

The company owns a warehouse of 100 m2 with permanent storage 3000000 to 4000000EGP The company also operates in several brands, which are estimated at about 3500 to 4000 brands out of the total number of brands in the market.
Company sales (monthly) 8000000 to 10000000 EGP from pharmacies and private hospitals.

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Company supplies

All pharmaceutical factories in Egypt Ibn Sina, xxxxx, Middle East & Pharma Overseas.

The company owns 3,500 brands xxxxx 2 – 3 times monthly.

payment method

Currently payment method is cash and cash to buy.

There is not any bank facilities since partners supply the company with more than 10000000 LE to xxxxxx.

Company financing

Company capital     50000000.

Authorized capital   50000000.

Paid up issued capital 5000000.

Our Clients

HS Pharma supplies medicines to thousands of both public and private sector entities and the number of permanent cooperating clients is 1500 out of a total of 3000 clients.

Why Choose Our Services?

Reliable, Effective &Technically Advanced Products!

HS Pharma Group is built on excellence in building supply and distribution plans that have been formulated through an absolute dedication to quality, innovation and the everlasting goal of providing health service to people.

Quality Control System

Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

An integrated approach to providing services allows our clients to benefit from the commercial and logistical advantages.

Highly Professional Staff

Very professional staff We are one of the largest drug storage and distribution companies in Egypt.

Close follow-up operations

We are interested in following up plans and matching them to implement the goals that seek to supply medicines to all health sectors.

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